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Precise Wire Extrusions and Customized Cable Assemblies


Tech Products Group provides our clients with the most reliable network of manufacturers and designers that can deliver the advanced equipment that powers modern business. With the help of our partner King Power­™, your company has access to the latest advancements in custom overmolding and cable design.

Expanded Possibilities
Established in 2005, King Power provides wire and cable extrusion and assemblies for companies within the medical, telecommunications, computer hardware, and building controls industries. This UL certified facility is a prime example of the possibilities that Tech Products Group can deliver on for your organization.

Wire and Cable
This 10,000 square-foot facility is staffed by 225 employees who are focused on producing wire and cable extrusion and wire and cable assemblies. These specialists provide the latest in cable design and printed circuit board assemblies when you need them the most. They also have a process for power adapters that can protect you from fluctuations in current. King Power certifications include:

• ISO9001 QMS Certificate

• ISO14001 EMS Certificate  • UL Certified - Certificate #E338370

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